What is the Best DJ Mixer for Beginners?

Best DJ Mixer for Beginners – An age old question. But as more and more people are getting into the DJ scene and more and more people enjoying mixing tracks together, just as a hobby then buying a DJ Mixer out of the multitude available is a daunting task. I suggest you take a look at DJ Mixer Reviews before buying anything.

Is money an option when looking for the best DJ mixer? If not, then there is no doubt – check out what the hottest DJ’s are using in Fabric and Ibiza clubs (Probably Pioneer’s) and buy the tools they have. However, for a beginner, cost definitely comes into the equation. Because of this, I am only going to consider cheaper DJ Mixers.

Because technology is advancing so fast, I’d suggest any entry-level DJ to first of all buy an MP3 console. This will enable them to use MP3 tunes on one piece of equipment so they wont have the expense of purchasing more CDJ’s etc. I’ve found the best MP3 Console for the price you pay is the Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2. At only $99.00 (£84.99 in the UK), it is one of the cheapest mixers on the market, but don’t let the fact it’s cheap fool you. It comes with a multitude of features that will allow any beginner DJ to learn the ropes quickly and hone their skills.

Another fun DJ Mixer to choose would be the Tonium Pacemaker. Although more expensive this mixer is essentially an iPod where you load your music into (there is a 60GB version and a 120GB version). However, this innovative gadget has so many features that allow you to DJ as if you had an entire set-up in the palm of your hand. This is ideal because you can practice anywhere, whilst travelling – even if you have a gig you could DJ on the dancefloor, dancing with everybody else which would be a great experience for you and your audiences.

It is therefore my opinion that the Tonium Pacemaker is hands-down the best DJ mixer for beginners and perhaps even the best DJ mixer period. Yes, it may not be the most technically advanced in the terms of effects and features – but it is the most innovative, the most fun and is bringing a new era of DJing to the world – one where the DJ can be among the dancers in the club, one where to DJ at a house party you wouldn’t have to lug a car load of equipment with you. I found a Tonium Pacemaker Review on a website that sums up the good and bad points of the Pacemaker quite well, perhaps you should check it out!

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